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Waste Solvent on Painter’s Hand/Face

On January 8, 2015, painters had the task of spraying overhead pipework and steel.  A painter noticed that there was fluid dripping inside of an overhead light located below the visqueen area and dripping on the floor.  The painter notified a coworker who went to retrieve some absorbing mats and then notify the control room. One company worker arrived and went to the mezzanine level to see if anyone was working overhead.  A painter working in the secured visqueen area was asked to see if he could locate where the water was coming from. As he was investigating where the leak was coming from, he started to remove the plastic wrap and some of the fluid dripped on his hand and a spot on his face.  He was told it was not water. The painter was met by ERT personnel who took him to the restroom and had him shower for 15 minutes. Following the shower the worker dressed and was sent to EHS for further evaluation.  After being seen by EHS, they explained to him the Safety Data Sheet and released him back to work with no follow-up. A topical cream was applied to the affected area; and a prescription topical cream was provided to the employee to use as needed. The Chemical was determined to be Waste Solvent and had a PH Level of 11.6

Factors to consider at your site or on your project include, but are not limited to, the following:

1.    Do not perform work outside of your intended scope such as looking for leaks.

2.    If you feel uncomfortable performing a task as asked by others, notify your Supervisor.

3.    Do not presume clear liquid is water in a manufacturing area.

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