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Splinter through a Glove

A craftsman was tasked with installing cove lighting on the 1st floor of the renovation project. While the craftsman was getting set up, a lock-out/tag-out was being performed on the lighting circuits in the area.  The lock-out/tag-out process had all of the lighting in the area shut off, including emergency lights.  The craftsman had a head lamp on and was walking through the corridor to retrieve some material when he tripped on a piece of masonite that had fallen down off the wall and onto the floor; the masonite had been adhered to the wall only with painters tape.  As the craftsman fell he used his left arm to catch his fall straining his left elbow.

Factors to consider at your site or on your project include, but are not limited to, the following:

  1. Make sure that the proper materials are being used.  Masonite secured with painters tape should NOT be used in any vertical applications.  The weakness of the painters tape along with the weight of Masonite will allow the Masonite to fall.
  2. Provide temporary lighting when shutting down the permanent lighting. This should be done beforehand to ensure visibility isn’t compromised.  A headlamp on a hardhat will more than likely not provide the illumination needed.
  3. Walk all paths to ensure housekeeping is not a concern when walking through potentially light deficient areas.
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