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Sometime Grinders Bite

A contractor employee was in the process of beveling an existing pipe. Due to the small work area the employee was in a kneeling position when performing work. The employee positioned the grinder so that sparks and debris were not flying in his direction which caused the grinder to be out of position. The employee’s hands were placed on the grinder dead switch and T handle. The grinder kicked upward striking the individuals wrist. Three pipes located directly next to each other were being repaired. Due to the first two pipes being installed, the employee and grinder were forced into an awkward position to complete the task. Employees were on site for an extended period of time beyond their normal shift.


Factors to consider at your site or on your project include, but are not limited to, the following:

  1. Task planning should consider sequence of events to communicate potential hazards of smaller/confined work areas
  2. Ensure employees understand Stop Work procedures if they encounter unsafe conditions to perform work tasks.
  3. Task planning should consider fatigue of employees working beyond their normal shift.

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