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Slip, Trips, and Falls From Same Level.

 On July 31, 2017 A packaging employee was carrying a box of unlabeled bottles to their work station nearby to be labeled and repackaged. 

On the way to the work station the employee tripped on the pallet that the completed boxes of labeled bottles were being placed on.

 Factors to consider at your site or project include, but are not limited to, the following: 


·       Ensure you are planning your job prior to starting.

·       Identify all hazards in area: stepping in and around pallets created tripping hazard.  Allow adequate space when working from pallets.

·       Ensure supervisors and employees are trained on setup and identification of all hazards including ergonomic hazards such as housekeeping and/or bending over to pick up and stack boxes.

·       Eliminate hazards: utilize pallet jack or specialized lift to bring materials up to waist height.


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