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Safety Flash - Workers Witnessed Working Unsafely From Aerial Lifts

Safety Flash:

During the summer of 2016, 3 workers, in 3 separate events, were witnessed at an Indiana location working unprotected at heights, while at risk of falling from Aerial lifts. In these 3 cases, workers were either unclear of fall protection requirements, or chose not to follow existing requirements.

OSHA requirements dictate that workers must be protected from fall hazards, and many employers go above and beyond OSHA standards requiring rules such as 100% tie off. Some employers require that workers cannot exit lifts while at heights unless specific exceptions are granted from management.

it is important to be aware of risks from falls and to utilize the safe work practices necessary to avoid falls when working from aerial lifts. These include knowing to not stand on midrails or top rails of lifts, not to use lifts as access to roofs or other elevated surfaces without additional protection, and to always use a personal fall restraint system while working in an aerial lift.


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