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Pinch Point Results in Injury

Employees had the task of constructing excavation shoring in the bottom of an 18’x20’ hole. Four workers were working together to set the 10’ shoring panels in place. The employees had already set the bottom panel and were attempting to set the second of two panels. Two employees had the second panel in their grasp and were slowly lowering it down onto the bottom panel, while another employee was in the middle of the panel. The right side of the panel was lowered all the way down while the left side was still up in the air approximately 18-24”. At this time the employee working in the middle slipped on the muddy subgrade and put both hands down to catch his fall. Both of his hands ended up being on the top of the bottom panel. One of the workers to the side of him noticed his hands and hollered for him to move them but he could not get them out of the line of fire quick enough and his left middle finger was smashed at the tip.


Slips trips and falls are a large contributor of workplace injuries. Always make an attempt to keep working surfaces as dry and sure footed as possible.

Always assume worst case scenario and plan accordingly. Have a plan. 

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