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Overhead Door Near Miss

Event Description

A rapid roll-up overhead door failure occurred.  The counterweight cable broke and the brake would not hold, so the door and the counterweight (200 lbs) fell to the floor.  No one was injured, but if someone was in the area at the time, it may have been a different story.

Causal Factors

The overhead door was not on a preventative maintenance program and the cable had worn to failure from duty cycle.  The cable was located behind a shroud on the door and was not visible or other to notice the problem.

Corrective Actions

All rapid roll-up overhead doors have been inspected and repaired as needed.  Preventative maintenance plans are in place to inspect the safety features on all overhead doors on a regular frequency.

Review maintenance strategy on overhead doors and consider a PM plan to check the following items or OEM recommendations:

Counterweight Belt

Pulley Alignment

Set Screw Collars & Sprocket Alignment

Check Limits

Test Motor Brake

Test Photo Eyes

Test Safety Edge

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