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A Pipefitter apprentice was working within a building. The apprentice was working with a crew repairing sections of 6 inch schedule 40 carbon steel tower water piping which supplies a tank. The employee was using a 6 inch angle grinder to create a bevel on the existing pipe extending approximately 8 inches from the sub floor. As the employee used the grinder to create the bevel the grinder wheel caught on the edge of the pipe which caused the grinder to bind / kick and then struck the employee on the left wrist causing a laceration. Due to the small work area the employee was in a kneeling position when performing work. The employee positioned the grinder so that sparks and debris were not flying in his direction which caused the grinder to potentially be out of position. The employee’s hands were placed on the grinder dead switch and the T handle. The grinder was in good condition with all guards and handles in place per manufacture requirements. The employee was wearing leather gloves, a long sleeved shirt, face shield, safety glasses and hearing protection when performing work.  The employee immediately stopped work and notified his supervisor.

Similar work is to continue on more tanks within the same area. The contractor has evaluated work sequence to remove hazards from the work locations. The contractor has also included work sequence considerations as a revision to the "Task Analysis Plan".

Things to consider at your site:

 1)  Improve task planning

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