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Light Fixture Fall - Near Miss

The contractor employee was tasked with tracing conduit for a project. The tracing process involved the removal of a light fixture as part of the investigation. The light fixture was installed inside of a rigid ceiling; therefore, caulking had to be removed before the screws that controlled the clamps of the fixture could be manipulated for the investigation. When this step was completed, one out of the four clamps was loosened and the light fixture was lowered about a ½”. At this time, the assessment of the physical environment above the fixture was completed. The light fixture was put back in normal position and an impact drill was used to tighten the screw controlling the clamp. It was assumed that the clamp was back in proper position. Blue tape was applied to the light fixture to indicate the caulking had been compromised. The contractor employee and his partner then left the area to pursue a lock-out/tag-out for the remainder of the removal.

An hour later, an employee entered the area of the light fixture. As the employee walked through the area, the light fixture fell approximately 12 feet to the floor landing a few feet behind the employee. The light fixture detached from the whip during the fall exposing wires and broke as it hit the floor. The light fixture did not strike the employee. No one else was in the room.

Immediate Corrective Actions:
1. Wire nuts were installed on the exposed wires that had disconnected from the light
2. Incident Notification network was activated
3. Lock Out/Tag Out was performed on the light circuit
4. Work on all light fixtures has been postponed until incident investigation is completed
5. Investigation on light fixture frame, screws, clamps, and brackets activated

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