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Finger Crush

Old equipment from a roof chiller system was being removed from the roof with a crane and placed onto a flatbed trailer.  The employee on the ground was tasked to remove the rigging from the equipment after it was placed onto the trailer.  While attempting to remove the slings/straps from the crane hook with his right hand, he used his left hand to grasp the hook and depress the hook’s latch with his thumb with his fingers wrapped around the back side of the hook.  As he was grasping the hook, the crane’s line moved slightly away from the employee and towards a part of the demolished chiller, pinching his left index fingertip between the hook and chiller piece immediately behind it.  The pinch to his finger caused injury requiring treatment beyond first aid.

1.    Daily planning did not include the presence of pinch points created by the hazardous energy sources (mechanical energy, gravitational potential energy).

2.    Perform thorough project planning and risk assessments.

3.    The employee failed to identify the pinch point hazard created when the hook was lowered flush with the chiller unit piece behind it.

4.    The employee hurried through the unrigging task, not allowing the crane hook/line to stop swinging.  Never rush through a task. 

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