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On Wednesday, January 25, 2017, around 10:15am, two electrical contractor employees were installing ¾” EMT conduit. The employees were working at elevated heights, from the mezzanine level, installing 10’ sections of the EMT.  The employees were coupling the conduit together then sliding the joined sections down the existing uni-strut pipe rack.  As they slid the conduit down the pipe rack, they continued to add another 10’ sections of the material, continuing this installation practice until 50’ of conduit had been installed. During the installation process the end section of the conduit became loose from its coupling and fell roughly 20’ to the ground below.  At the time of impact, an employee was within feet of the falling conduit.  At the time of the nearby Packing Inspection office was not barricaded. There were no injuries or property damage.

Immediate Corrective Actions:

1) Area secured and barricaded.

2) Conduit removed.

3) Appropriate reports were submitted.

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