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Falling Object - Near Miss

Two Millwright employees were preparing to lift an 2,000 lb electrical cabinet.  Before performing the lift, the employees removed the forks from the truck in order to invert the forks in an upside down configuration in an attempt to gain additional space.  This was done believing that the mast of the forklift would not strike the ceiling in this configuration.  Once this alteration was completed, the employees proceeded to rig and lift the electrical cabinet.  As they picked up the load, the left fork fell off of the truck (at 6.5’) and fell to the ground, striking a ladder, the wall, and an electrical receptacle.  The second employee was in the area but not impacted by the falling object. The fork weighs 280 lbs.

Immediate Corrective Action: Review manufactures recommendations on how to properly use the forks specific to this equipment.  Look at past scenarios where inverting forks were approved.

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