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Electric Arc Exposure

A furniture installation company (Company A) and a material moving company (Company B) were tasked to remove Pathways furniture systems (older models) from a floor of a building.  This job was considered routine work for both companies.  Typically, Company A unplugs BPI connection to the furniture and dismantles it, then Company B removes the dismantled pieces from the site.  Unlike the newer furniture systems that are currently in use, the older Pathways furniture systems we have are designed to have the BPI cord run up through the furniture panel and plugged in near desk top level.  Immediately prior to the event, a Company B employee was holding a panel while a Company A employee pulled the BPI out of the panel. In the process of pulling the BPI, exposed live wires came in contact with the 90 degree conector, creating an electric arc.


Revise process for dismantle of Pathways furniture to require LOTO or termination of power to BPI, prior to dismantling and train the employees from both companies on the new process.

Train employees/subcontractors on new requirement to have power to BPI locked out or terminated.

provide employees with hazard identification/awarness training related to this event and other similar situations.

Assess the areas where this model of furniture is still utilized and determine the feasibility of replacing mismatched components.

Develop a timetable to finish phasing out this furniture.

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