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Demo Shocker

The crew had been assigned to demo 1-1/4” copper piping.  The crew decided to demo the lines with a reciprocating saw, which had an 8” blade.  While performing the demo, they cut into a ½” electrical conduit with a live 120 volt circuit. When the wires were cut they instantaneously tripped the circuit breaker. The employee was neither shocked nor hurt during this incident.  The employee notified his foreman when the incident occurred.

Factors to consider at your site or on your project include, but are not limited to, the following:

1.    During demolition, use the proper tool for the job.  In this instant, the crew used an 8” blade.  They had access to a 4” blade that would have worked better in the tight space that the line ran though.

2.  Use a spotter in areas where line of sight are obstructed.  A spotter would have been able to locate the conduit and alert the craftsperson cutting the copper line when the blade was close.

       3.  Plan work to ensure adequate number of trained people are available.

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