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Caught Without Hand Protection

 On January 5th, 2015 an Insulation employee was working in the penthouse of a building and went to sharpen his knife with a sharpening stone. In the process of sharpening his knife the employee accidentally cut into his left index finger. The employee was wearing gloves at the time but had the tips of both the index and thumb of the glove cut out to assist him in the work that involved peeling tape for duct-wrap and  working with rubber insulation adhesive.   After the injury, the foreman for the job was immediately notified and the employee was taken to the site nurse before being sent offsite where they received medical treatment beyond First Aid.

1.    Evaluate when the task has changed.  The individual went from working with tape to sharpening the knife and should have used different PPE.

2.   Be mindful of the task that you are performing.  Do not get distracted when working with sharp objects

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