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Cat 908H Loader Tip Over

A contractor was installing VSC’s, Vibratory Stone Columns (AKA: Geopiers, Aggregate Columns, Vibro Replacement) at the end of a new building’s slab layout along the perimeter fence.  The building’s grade elevation is higher than the ground level.  After a couple hours of traveling the planned route, the operator decided to change routes without discussion.  With the route change, the operator was forced to drive up and over the elevated slab layout.  As the operator backed up to make a turn, the loader articulated, putting the bucket close to the fence.  The operator had to raise the bucket in order to clear the fence.  As he backed up, the right front tire drove up on to the elevated pad.  With the bucket in the air, the center of gravity was higher than normal operating conditions.  These conditions caused the loader to tip onto the perimeter fence.  No one was injured in the incident.

Factors to Consider

  1. Pre-plan the day’s activity including all aspects and routes to be taken.
  2. If a change in plan is necessary; stop work, discuss and communicate with crew members, and document the change on the daily pre-planning tool. (i.e., TAP, DAP, SPA, JSA, etc.)
  3. Ensure walking and driving routes are free of obstructions.
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