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Being prepared for inclement weather

During a day of inclement weather an employee was walking toward work through a portion of a parking lot that appeared to be free of snow, heading toward the sidewalk. The employee slipped and fell falling first to their hands and knees and then flat to the ground. At that point the employee’s backpack containing their computer came forward and hit the employee on the back of the neck.    

1.     When inclement weather has occurred and there is snow, ice, or even ice melt on the ground, be sure to walk slowly and attempt to avoid areas that can contain hazards such as slip and trip hazards.

2.     If possible choose shoes that are appropriate for inclement weather conditions. Snow shoes or rain boots will provide more traction and help protect a person while walking on potentially slippery or snowy surfaces.

3.     Continue to encourage employees to report all incidents no matter how minor or serious immediately to their Supervisor and the Safety advisor.

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