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Verify Your Demo Job

Verify Your Demo Job

Prior to the start of a demolition project, electricians were contracted to de-energize the building.  The electricians de-energized the main feed which was a 480v panel box and gave the demolition crew the “all clear” to start.  When the demo crew began knocking down pre-cast walls on the west side of the building, an operator noticed a spark coming from an electrical outlet.  The operator stopped all work immediately and contacted the primary contract firm.  The prime then notified the electricians to come back out and verify the power source to ensure all power was de-energized.  The electrician’s investigation determined the 480v electrical panel that was de-energized fed only part of the outlets that were attached to the west wall.  A second power source was discovered coming from a neighboring building, which fed the remaining outlets through conduit running underneath the concrete pad.  The electricians then de-energized the secondary power source and verified all power in the building was terminated.  Permission was then again given to resume demolition of the building.

Factors to consider at your site and/or project include, but not limited to the following:

·         Have a detailed demo plan created and reviewed prior to the start of any demolition.

·         Don’t always assume that buildings are energized according to codes.  The main power supply to a building may not be the only source of power going into it.  Identify the primary power supply and look for potential secondary power supplies before giving an all clear.

·         Conduct thorough testing of outlets and equipment after the power supply has been disconnected to verify all power has been terminated.

·         If your company provides services for demolition projects, review your safety program to make sure it has detailed policies covering de-energize testing and verification along with identification of all potential power sources.

Consider this example as you complete today’s work activities.

Safety Flash Action Items:
  • Date Contractor Safety Flash posted for all employees to review: _______________
  • Safety Talk meeting date: _______________
  • Full employee attendance and participation at safety meeting to review this incident (documentation required).
  • Employees understand urgency in protecting themselves and others.
  • Supervisors and Employees are clear which items shared in this Safety Flash are mandatory.
  • Employees/Supervisors will focus on recommended actions during future work activities of a similar nature.
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THINK about the hazards associated with your particular work, and the steps that can be taken to increase safety on your job.

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