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Sharp Edge on Metal Guardrail Results in Injury

Sharp Edge on Metal Guardrail Results in Injury

An employee was cutting out the bottom rail of a guardrail using a pipe cutter. The employee's hand came in contact with the mid-rail, which had been cut earlier but was still in place creating a sharp edge. The sharp edge of the metal rail cut through the employee's right glove (which was cloth with a leather palm) and the top of the employee's thumb leaving a 2 1/2 " laceration.

Factors to consider at your site and/or project include, but not limited to the following:

  1. Ensure pre-job planning has been completed for all tasks being performed and that the plans are followed throughout the job.
  2. When working with and/or cutting metal, be aware of the presents of sharp edges.  Put in place a safe plan of action for the tasks and make sure appropriate PPE is provided.  Cut resistant gloves, such as Kevlar, should be worn if the hazards cannot be engineered out or isolated from the workers.
  3. When sharp edges are identified on the job they should be identified and protected.  Placing caution tape near the sharp edge will help draw attention to its presents and placing buffer or tape over the sharp edge will help reduce the chance of someone getting injured.
Consider this example as you complete today’s work activities.

Safety Flash Action Items:
  • Date Contractor Safety Flash posted for all employees to review: _______________
  • Safety Talk meeting date: _______________
  • Full employee attendance and participation at safety meeting to review this incident (documentation required).
  • Employees understand urgency in protecting themselves and others.
  • Supervisors and Employees are clear which items shared in this Safety Flash are mandatory.
  • Employees/Supervisors will focus on recommended actions during future work activities of a similar nature.
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Think about the hazards associated with your particular work, and the steps that can be taken to increase safety on your job.

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