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Recently, an ironworker felt soreness in his left shoulder.  The employee was setting angle braces, from an aerial lift, for two stair towers.  The process of setting the angle braces was for the injured employee to hold the angle braces outside of the lift while the other employee put in the bolts.  The employees set approximately 32 angle braces within five hours.  The employee continued to work throughout the day setting the stairs on the stair towers.


The next morning the employee still had left shoulder pain.  For about an hour he put bolts in holes to tighten the stair tower.  At 8:00am, he tried to use an impact drill to tighten the bolts into the stair tower, but the pain in his left shoulder would not allow him to complete the task.  Up until 10:30am, the employee drove the aerial lift while his partner used the impact drill to tighten the bolts.  At that time he reported to the safety director that he had left shoulder pain that would not allow him to complete his work tasks.


Factors to consider at your site and/or project include, but not limited to the following:

1.     Ensure that employees use proper incident reporting procedures.

2.      Use proper body positioning & lifting techniques for your work tasks.

3.     Implement a daily stretch & bend program to help prevent muscle strains.


Consider this example as you complete today’s work activities.

Safety Flash Action Items:
  • Date Contractor Safety Flash posted for all employees to review: _______________
  • Safety Talk meeting date: _______________
  • Full employee attendance and participation at safety meeting to review this incident (documentation required).
  • Employees understand urgency in protecting themselves and others.
  • Supervisors and Employees are clear which items shared in this Safety Flash are mandatory.
  • Employees/Supervisors will focus on recommended actions during future work activities of a similar nature.
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