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OSHRC Hands Down Ruling for Sub-Contractor

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On multi-employer sites, the general contractor is the “jobsite authority”. OSHA has changed how it handles multi-employer sites several different times. First in 1971 when OSHA issued 1910.12(a), stating that any employer who exposes workers to hazards could be cited, also those who supplied faulty equipment could be cited. Then in 1974 it was revised stating that the controlling authority would be cited for violations. In 1983 it was revised again almost to its original form. And then again in 1994 it was revised again; any employer involved in, or exposing workers to, could be cited for violations.  OSHRC (Occupational Safety and Health Review Commission) handed down a ruling that cited subcontractors, instead of the general contractor. It has been the precedent before that it is the responsibility of the general contractor to enforce compliance. This ruling is a big step for both sides. For the general contractors it shifts their responsibility somewhat, and for the subcontractors it will increase their responsibility on site. Some see the decision as positive and others view it as negative.
Follow the link to the OSHRC page on this decision.

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