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North Safety Products - Important Safety Notice, North Saf-T-Climb Ladder Fall Prevention System or a North Saf-T-Lok Sleeve

 Important Safety Notice

All Climbers on Saf-T-Climb Systems Must Tie-off With Shock Absorbing Y-Type Lanyards

As a part of North Safety Products’ on-going efforts to ensure our fall protection systems are the safest in the industry, we have identified certain conditions where Saf-T-Lok Sleeves or Rail may not perform properly during a fall. Under these conditions, a climber may fall farther than intended, resulting in serious injuries or death. If you have received this notice, you may have an affected Saf-T-Climb Fall Prevention System.

To reduce the risk of serious injuries or death:

North Safety is instructing all climbers to tie-off with a Shock Absorbing Y-lanyard (no longer than 6’), that is ANSI Z359.1 compliant, in addition to using the Saf-T-Climb Fall Prevention System as directed in your Saf-T-Climb Instruction Manual.

For ALUMINUM rail Saf-T-Climb systems, ONLY use the Shock-Absorbing Y-lanyard. Do not use the Saf-T-Lok Sleeve.
For GALVANIZED STEEL rail and STAINLESS STEEL rail Saf-T-Climb systems, use BOTH the Shock-Absorbing Y-lanyard and the Saf-T-Climb system, including the sleeve and harness, as directed in the Saf-T-Climb Instruction Manual.
If you are unsure what type of rail (i.e., aluminum or steel) your Saf-T-Climb system has, contact North Safety for help in identifying the material.

North Safety is continuing to investigate this issue and is currently designing an appropriate remedy. Once testing and production has been completed, North Safety will provide this remedy at no cost to existing customers of the Saf-T-Climb system who register their Saf-T-Climb systems or Saf-T-Lok sleeves with North Safety in response to this notice. In the meantime, all climbers MUST use a Shock Absorbing Y-lanyard (no longer than 6’). To ensure you are notified about the remedy, please register your Saf-T-Climb Fall Prevention system with North Safety at or by faxing the enclosed registration form to (800) 585-2354.

If you have questions about this notice, selecting a Shock-Absorbing Y-lanyard, or proper climbing techniques, contact North Safety at (800) 836-8006, Option 4, between 8:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. ET Monday through Friday or visit
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