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Leveling Shim causes Severe Laceration

           Leveling Shim causes Severe Laceration

A painter was in the process of removing grease off the decking of a tank motor to prepare the platform for painting.  While cleaning, the employee reached under a ledge of the platform and as he pulled back there was a leveling shim parallel to the working surface. The shim caught the employee’s wrist causing a severe laceration. The employee felt no immediate pain, but noticed large amount of blood on his arm and clothing. The employee wrapped the injured arm in a towel and notified the nearest control room to contact 555. The employee reported the incident to his supervisor immediately. The Lilly Emergency Response team responded to the scene and treated the injured employee.  The supervisor then transported him to MOHC for additional care.


Factors to consider at your site and/or project include, but not limited to the following:

  • Ensure employees are wearing the proper PPE for the task at hand.
  • Evaluate work area prior to performing work in tight or difficult to see areas.
  • When cleaning tight or sight restricted areas, all attempts should be made to eliminate
    inserting hands into these areas. Try using a long handled apparatus to perform the work activitiy.
Consider this example as you complete today’s work activities.
Safety Flash Action Items:
  • Date Contractor Safety Flash posted for all employees to review: _______________
  • Safety Talk meeting date: _______________
  • Full employee attendance and participation at safety meeting to review this incident (documentation required).
  • Employees understand urgency in protecting themselves and others.
  • Supervisors and Employees are clear which items shared in this Safety Flash are mandatory.
  • Employees/Supervisors will focus on recommended actions during future work activities of a similar nature.
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about the hazards associated with your particular work and the steps that can be taken to increase safety on your job.

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