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Indiana Contractor Safety Program of Best Practices

1.    Management schedules and leads periodic safety meetings with their employees on either a Daily,  Weekly, Bi-Weekly,
       Bi-Monthly, or Monthly basis.
2.    Actively participates in field observations.
3.    Has quarterly safety meetings to discuss local/site specific safety concerns.
4.    Focuses on service contractors.
5.    Provides case management training for all management personnel.
6.    Conducts weekly project safety meetings.
7.    Combine project safety meetings held weekly (peer pressure principle).
8.    Project Mnagers hands silver dollars to employees when seen doing something "above and beyond" regarding safety.
9.    Two annual peer reviews for all project managers as part of the project manager planning process.
10.  Project specific Service Level Agreement (SLA) with each project manager.
11.  Project managers distribute their own incident review meeting final report.
12.  Support VPP star status.
13.  MICCS certified.

1.    Contract employee/craftsperson walk-throughs.
2.    Documented system available for submitting safety improvement suggestions.
3.    Safety culture enhancement.
4.    Quarterly employee recognition safety incentive awards/appreciation.
5.    Structured Zero Injury Team with clearly defined roles and responsibilities for each team member.
6.    Corporate/Contractor Integration:  safety expo attendees, Corporate shops and contractors on same job, training, joint teams.
7.    Cross sectional sub team assigned to address contractor perception survey results
8.    Organized contractor safety council.
9.    Contractor safety recognition program (grab-bag)
10.  Jacob's Safety Observation Report (SOR) program.
11.  Contractor recognition every Wednesday which coincides with weekly safety drawing.
12.  The best safety suggestion/improvement of the month receives a monetary gift certificate.
13.  Crew of the month voted on by other crafts.
14.  Volunteers from different companies on a project alternately cover the weekly safety meeting.
15.  Interactive safety meetings where employees are required to discuss safety topics rather than the assigned safety professional.

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