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Hershey Worker Loses Arm in Accident

Hershey Worker Loses Arm in Accident


On March 24, 2007, Erica Domen, 32, was cleaning a batter-sifting machine at the Hershey chocolate factory in Oakdale, CA, about 100 miles east of San Francisco.  She was working alone on the machine switched on, catching her hand and pulling her arm off at the shoulder.  Domen was in shock but conscious when police arrived a few minutes later. 


Officials at the scene indicated that her co-workers saved her life by applying pressure to the open wound.  Domen was transported to Doctor's Medical Center in Modesto, however they were unable to reattach her arm.  


Workplace safety officials were investigating.


According to the Hershey Company's website it is the country's largest chocolate company and makes Kisses and other products in Oakdale.


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