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Garlock Rail Guard 200 system

General Information to share:


The Garlock Rail Guard 200 system (made of mild steel) can deteriorate if stored or used outside for long periods of time.  The rail post will deteriorate in the area that inserts into the base.  The rails that have been on the roof and near the Ingot Plant have shown the most degradation in the shortest period of time.

This condition could cause the rail to fail under the force of a person’s weight!

Benefits of sharing this information:


Prevention Opportunities:

Ø      Please perform area surveys and inspect all outdoor handrail systems that you have had in service.

Ø      Take immediate corrective action to eliminate additional exposure.

Ø      Do not store Garlock Rail Guard 200 systems outdoors.

Ø      Stainless steel railing is to be used for extended outdoor use.

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