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Sharing safety information

Fall Protection Tips

General Information to share:

1.  Identify all potential tripping and fall hazards before work starts.
2.  Look for fall hazards such as unprotected floor openings/edges, shafts, skylights, stairwells, and roof openings/edges.
3.  Inspect fall protection equipment for defects before use.
4.  Select, wear, and use fall proection equipment appropriate for the task.
5.  Secure and stablize all ladders before climbing them.
6.  Never stand on the top rung/step of a ladder.
7.  Use handrails when you go up or down stairs.
8.  Practice good housekeeping.  Keep cords, welding leads and air hoses out of walkways or adjacent work areas.

Benefits of sharing this information:

 Reduce injuries resulting from falls.

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