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Chain Hoist Failure

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A near miss involving a chain hoist occurred while it was being used as a support aid. The ½ ton chain hoist was placed above a 6”valve (approximately 200lbs) that was intended to be replaced. The hoist was rigged with a nylon choke on the above support steel. The valve was rigged with a nylon choke that was attached to the load chain hook of the hoist.  The employees were in the process of removing the bolts from the valve which had to be cut out using a grinder with a cut wheel.  The valve had to be raised in order to gain access to the last remaining bolt. When the employee pulled on the drive chain of the hoist, the load chain broke directly above the weld of one of the links. The valve did not fall only because the one bolt had not yet been removed.  Upon further inspection of the failed link, there were no markings or indications to imply that the link had been cut or burnt. 

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Corrective Action: All on site hoists made by JET have been tagged out of service until problem is detected and resolved.

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