Contractor Safety Share

Sharing safety information

BEST PRACTICE: Safety Communication and Shared Learning

1.    Electronic communication on incidents.
2.    Evacuation card with building specific emergency information.
3.    Quarterly safety newsletter.
4.    Weekly safety bulletin; email with recap of incidents and learning points.
5.    Operations manual.
6.    Safety representatives weekly meeting.
7.    Employees/supervisors/managers carry Injury Procedure cards.
8.    Safety board at each location identifying safety committee members and safety policy statement.
9.    MSDS quick reference sheets in storage areas and on brute barrels.
10.  Quarterly forum meeting with Union business agents.
11.  Tailored permit overview during orientations (CSE, SWP, LOTO and Fire Hazard Permit).
12.  Monthly update meetings between site management and SMG.
13.  Roundtable safety discussions.
14.  Submitted suggestions for improvements/additions that could be considered.
15.  Flag system - fly green, yellow, or red flags to signify state of safety on project.
16.  Milestones built directly into project schedule and discussed weekly.

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