Contractor Safety Share

Sharing safety information

BEST PRACTICE: Employee Involvement

1.    Contract employee/craftsperson walk-throughs.
2.    Documented system available for submitting safety improvement suggestions.
3.    Safety culture enhancement.
4.    Quarterly employee recognition safety incentive awards/appreciation.
5.    Structured Zero Injury Team with clearly defined roles and responsibilities for each team member.
6.    Corporation/Contractor Integration:  safety expo attendees, corporation shops and contractors on same job, training, joint teams.
7.    Cross sectional sub-team assigned to address contractor perception survey results.
8.    Organized contractor safety council.
9.    Jacob's Safety Observation Report (SOR) program.
10.  Contractor recognition day once a week which coincides with weekly safety drawing.
11.  The best safety suggestion/improvement of the month receives a monetary gift certificate.
12.  Crew of the month voted on by other crafts.
13.  Volunteers from different companies on a project alternately cover the weekly safety meeting.
14.  Interactive safety meetings where employees are required to discuss safety topics rather than the assigned safety professional.


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