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Soft Tissue Injuries Can Hurt

On Monday July 30, 2007, a contractor was unloading his supplies. During the unloading of his cart, he felt and heard a pop in his forearm. The box that he was retrieving was under 10lbs and not awkward in handling. [More]

Setting of Heavy Equipment

Contract employees were moving a pump from a 4-wheel cart that was being held steady by a co-worker. They were sliding the motor off the cart on to a concrete pad. There was a slight difference in elevation between the cart and the pad. As the pump crossed the center plane of the cart, the cart kick [More]

Metal Duct Causes Injury

The general contractor on a project had a laborer performing housekeeping duties on the mezzanine of a building where a HVAC sheet metal contractor had recently installed duct work. [More]